Nearly 25% of adult Canadians report having some hearing loss, although only 10% of people actually identify themselves with hearing problems.


Atlantic Hearing Clinic is a state-of-the-art hearing rehabilitation healthcare centre.  We offer a range of hearing assessments, hearing loss counselling and education, and instrument fittings to assist with hearing loss. 


Complimentary Hearing Tests

The comprehensive hearing test involves taking a thorough case history and a visual examination of your ears. While in a soundproof booth, you will then be asked to listen and respond to different pitches and intensities of tones presented through insert earphones to determine your hearing thresholds. These results will be used to create the audiogram (graph) of your hearing. You will also be asked to repeat words back to check your discrimination or clarity for speech. A measure of middle ear function will also be done with a special instrument.


Hearing Aid Evaluation & Fitting

If hearing aids are recommended for one or both ears, our Audiologist will work with you to discover a hearing aid solution that fits you perfectly. We will even fit you with a hearing aid to try for two weeks. * If a hearing aid is not the best solution, a referral may be sent to one of our ENT colleagues. Hearing aids are always properly programmed and verified by real-ear measures (REM) to ensure hearing ability.


Custom Hearing Protection

Your hearing is precious and we believe it should be protected. Sounds are considered harmful when they exceed 85 dB SPL. Over time this can lead to hearing loss and tinnitus. Impressions are taken and custom molds can be ordered through our clinic for earplugs, swim plugs, noise plugs and musicians plugs.